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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wasatch 100 and Hardrock 100- 2011

I had the amazing opportunity to pace Ben Corrales for nearly 40 miles at both Hardrock 100 and Wasatch 100. Both were amazing experiences. Since I chose not to do a 100 miler this year, from these two experiences I am satisfied yet chomping at the bit to hopefully do both next year!

Hardrock really impressed me on the rugged nature and beauty. It was surreal. From expansion views, lightning, river crossings, glacial traversing, and a bunch of tough SOB's!, it was incredible. I ran from above Grouse (see pics below) to Telluride. I then was able to run several miles near the finish with Ben and Christian as they finished together. I've put in twice and not been chosen but I'll continue until I get in...amazing!

I've now been a part of Wasatch 100 for 5 straight years. Two finishes, 47 miles pacing, 25 miles pacing, and this year 38 miles of pacing. I picked Ben up at Mill Creek. His goal was sub 24 but he was slightly behind pace and had no room for error. He then proceeded to CRUSH the course blowing past a dozen runners and finishing in an amazing 23 hrs 36 minutes. It was an honor being a part of it. His toughness was mind blowing.

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cb said...

It was awesome to see Ben run so well. Great job pacing! Good luck with getting in to Hardrock.